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Oct. 31st, 2020


This is, for the most part, a friends only journal for one wonderfully genius reason:
What I write within generally isn't suited for the eyes of anyone under the age of 18.
If you are interested in being my friend, and you're an adult, give me a comment.
We'll see, from there. ;)


Holy Crap ... I Want a Babelfish.

Has it really been that long since I posted?

Well, to be honest, there isn't much to post about; really. Except that I've got two bettas, now. One at home (Remy (LeBeau)) and one at work (Giles). You know, they say bettas are the easiest fish to take care of; they're hardy, don't need much attention and whatnot.

Guess what? That's a LIE.

Well, if you're a neurotically responsible pet owner, like I am. Of course, both are ill--though, Remy's the really sick one, at the moment. Damn my saint-like conscience!

Also, I want to do a photo comic, because my favorite comics tend to -be- photo comics. But, I don't have enough toys. CURSES!



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Ok... So, I ordered my Lunatic deck on Tuesday; right? Well, it was in the mailbox, THIS MORNING! Two day turn around! Holy moly!

Also? The deck is AWESOME. The art It's like, if David Mack decided to do an EGL/EGA tarot deck! Only not so black and browns, golds, reds and so on. Very, very lovely. (And, some naughty/disturbing images, as well!)

Also? Apparently, I'm a....

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?

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Wyn's Greatest Hits

So, I was talking to Fancy Dan (danimagus) the other day and realized that some of my friends are new to my journal and missed some of my neat entries. Since I tend to post some useless stuff, I thought I'd save everyone the hassle of reading through tons of old posts and put links up to some of the better or more interesting of my old entries!

Hopefully, you'll get some giggles out of these.

* Wyn's Weird Mika-toned Letter

* Wyn's Handwriting OCD (Already out of date, as I currently use a different handstyle, at the moment.)

* Wyn = Schadenfreude

* "Scary" Wyn Story

* Violent Wyn Limerick

* Wyn Art!

There you go! Read. Enjoy!

Life in a Sheafist Regime

[11:11] Mika: My co-worker was showing me photos of their family trip to the zoo. Whhhhhhhhhhy did they think that this was something i wanted to see?

[11:14] Wyn: Because, that vacant expression is always on your face and all they have to go by is what you say. So, being nice to them, you said, "Sure, I'll look at your pictures." They took that as non-sarcasm and made you look at things. It's sad your face doesn't have many expressions, 'cause you always get roped into stuff like that.

[11:15] Mika: Probably. And then I say things like "Ooohh, wow, they look like they're having a blast!" i just feed into their dillusions

[11:15] Wyn: Exactly.

[11:16] Mika: I want them to look at pictures of MY family. Mind you, they'll be fake pictures. Like I'll just cut photos out of magazine or something.

[11:17] Wyn: Ok, so make up an album or scrap book. Completely comprised of magazine clippings. (Oh, and for good measure, snake some of their family pictures and use people in those, too. Pretend to be highly confused when they accuse you of claiming their family members as your own.)

[11:19] Mika: Ha, yes, perfect. Maybe some hand-drawn art as well. "Ah yes, our trip to Pen-and-Ink Town. What a day that was."

[11:19] Wyn: Definitely. And, you could name one of them "Little Jackie Paper."

[11:20] Mika: For sure. And for no reason, I could reveal scissors and cut up one of the pictures, claiming I just killed one of my more "irrelevant" family members

[11:21] Wyn: And, that you hope the Parchment Police don't find out, else it could be the dreaded sentence of a Life of Paper Cuts.

[11:25] Mika: I could become paranoid of the Parchment Police, accusing the person looking at the photos of being one of them

[11:25] Wyn: Certainly. And, despite the fact that he's completely 3-D, you start raving about how you won't be held down by their Sheafist regime.

[11:27] Mika: I could make a daring escape on my wheeled office chair then, shouting about how it was the best way to escape their clutches. All the while firing staples at them from my stapler

[11:28] Wyn: Then, the nice men in white suits (like paper!!!) will come and quietly drag you away.

[11:30] Mika: I'm going to do this right now.

[11:34] Wyn: Oh, good. The sooner, the better.

More Memes... BUT!

I thoroughly promise to make an actual post, very soon.

I've just got to make my brain rest, so it can put together pieces of an intricate puzzle for your retinas to enjoy. :D

Until then... Click!Collapse )


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